Tarmac Rallysprints

What is a Tarmac Rallysprint?

One driver and one co-driver/navigator
A tarmac rallysprint event is a form of motorsport competition that combines elements of both tarmac rallying and sprint racing. It takes place on closed, smooth-surfaced roads, similar to tarmac rallies, but with a shorter, more condensed format.

Examples of Tarmac Rallysprints

Here are some key characteristics of a tarmac rallysprint event:

Shorter Course: Unlike traditional tarmac rallies which can span over several days and cover significant distances, a rallysprint event typically features a shorter course. This allows for more runs within a single day or over a weekend.

Sprint Format: The term “sprint” in the name indicates that the event focuses on shorter, high-intensity runs. Participants aim to complete the course as quickly as possible, competing against the clock.

Closed Roads: Like regular rallies, tarmac rallysprint events take place on closed public roads or private tarmac surfaces like the Perth Motorplex. This ensures the safety of participants and spectators.

Various Vehicle Classes: Tarmac rallysprint events typically accommodate a range of vehicle classes, from standard road cars to modified racing vehicles. In Rallysprints we can allow for “Open” category cars that are more modified that are not permitted to run un tarmac rallies.

Accessible for Novices: Rallysprints can be more accessible for newcomers to motorsport compared to longer, more demanding tarmac rallies. They offer a taste of competitive racing without the extensive commitment of time and resources. We require all novices to start at closed circuit Rallysprints, like the Perth Motorplex where driver and co-drivers can get used to sitting in the car together and obstacles like poles and trees being on the side of the stage.

Spectator-Friendly: Due to their shorter duration and often centralised location, rallysprint events are very spectator-friendly. Spectators can witness multiple runs in a relatively short period.

Rallysprints are typically organised by local motorsport clubs or organisations. They are a popular form of grassroots motorsport, bringing together enthusiasts from the local community. Tarmac West organises four six rally sprints a year at the Perth Motorplex- a half day event in the City of Perth, a day event in Bunbury and two day events in Albany (run over the course of one long weekend). We will continue to seek out other locations that are favourable to run Rallysprints.

Overall, tarmac rallysprint events provide an exciting and dynamic motorsport experience that blends the technical challenges of tarmac rallying with the high-speed intensity of sprint racing. They offer a great opportunity for both participants and spectators to enjoy competitive motorsport in a more compact and accessible format.

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