Show N Shine Events

What is a motorsport related Show N Shine event?

A Show N Shine event in the context of motorsports is a gathering where car enthusiasts come together to display and showcase their vehicles. Unlike traditional car shows, which may focus on a wide range of vehicles or specific makes and models, Show N Shine events are often centered around a particular category or theme, such as classic cars, hot rods, modified cars, or specific brands.

In the context of motorsports, a Show N Shine event specifically caters to cars that are associated with racing or performance. This could include race cars, high-performance street cars, and vehicles that have been extensively modified for speed and agility.

While Show N Shine events are primarily focused on static displays, at events run by Tarmac Events WA Pty Ltd they form part of a larger motorsports event that includes other activities like races, parades, or other competitive elements – usually Tarmac West, Tarmac South West and the Bunbury RallySprints, with the biggest Show N Shine being at the City of Perth Tarmac Rally and Tarmac Sprint held in conjunction with the Celebration of Motorsport, Celebration of Street Machines & Hot Rods and Classics on the Swan each year.

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