Tarmac Rallies

What is a Tarmac Rally?

One driver and one co-driver/navigator
A motorsport tarmac rally, also known as a tarmac rally or sealed surface rally, is a form of competitive motorsport that takes place on closed public roads or private tarmac (paved) surfaces. Unlike traditional off-road rallies that are conducted on gravel, dirt, or mixed terrain, tarmac rallies are exclusively run on smooth, paved roads.

Examples of Tarmac Rallies

Participants in tarmac rallies typically compete in high-performance vehicles, ranging from modified street cars to purpose-built racing machines. These events often demand precise handling, sharp cornering abilities, and strong braking capabilities, as the smooth surface allows for higher speeds and more aggressive driving techniques compared to off-road rallies.

Tarmac rallies are known for their emphasis on skillful driving, with participants navigating through challenging courses that may include a variety of turns, hairpin bends, chicanes, and straights.

A co-driver or navigator assists the driver with route instructions/pace notes. Both require appropriate motorsport licences.

The objective is to complete the course in the shortest time possible, and penalties are incurred for rule violations or off-course excursions.

These events can take place in various settings, including urban areas, countryside roads, or even closed circuits that mimic public road conditions. Tarmac rallies are popular in regions where suitable road networks and safety measures can be established for competitive racing.

Overall, tarmac rallies offer a thrilling and dynamic motorsport experience for both participants and spectators, combining the speed of racing with the technical demands of precision driving on smooth, high-speed surfaces.

NOTE: Regularity or Time Speed and Distance: While speed is a crucial element in rally competition, some rallies may also include regularity or Time Speed and Distance categories. This category involves maintaining a consistent / average speed over a specified distance with the car finishing closest to the set time incurring the least penalties. The lowest accumulated penalties wins the day. TSD events require a driver and a navigator who work together with a great deal of precision.

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